Where are the Formula E races held?

All races are held in the city centers in some of the major cities of the world. Formula E believes that cities are the natural environment for electric cars and that racing in urban environments will promote the use and popularity of these vehicles. The new cities of the fourth season include Rome and Zurich.

What is FanBoost? How does it work?

Formula E is the only event in the world that lets fans play an active role in influencing the outcome of the race. FANBOOST gives fans the opportunity to vote for their favourite driver. The three drivers with the most FANBOOST votes are awarded a significant burst of power, which they can deploy in a 5 second window during the second half of the race. You can vote to FANBOOST your favourite driver in the 6 days prior to, and leading up to 6 minutes into each race. There are three ways to vote on FANBOOST, online at fiaformulae.com, via the official Formula E app or on Twitter using hashtags #FANBOOST + #DriverName.

Can I meet the drivers?

A meet & greet session will be arranged with the drivers in the Allianz E-Village. Please refer to the Event schedule for more information.

Are there activities for the kids?

Yes, there are many activities for all ages in the Allianz E-Village Kids Zone.

How can I follow the race online?

The Race can follow it through our official accounts.

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Can the race be watched on television?

Yes. Please click here, to check the schedules and available channels.