From an Environmental Management System to a Sustainable Management System

Formula E’s strong efforts and commitment towards sustainability by our Environmental Management System (EMS) were rewarded with the achievement of the highest level of environmental accreditation from the FIA Institute (FIAI), the sustainable body of the FIA. Formula E is very proud to have become the first championship to receive the Achievement of Excellence!  

The EMS refers to the company’s management of environmental programmes in a planned, systematic, comprehensive, documented and transparent manner. The EMS oversees the organisational structure, planning and resources for developing, implementing and maintaining all relevant policy for responsible environmental activity. We measure, monitor and report the areas of carbon management, energy use, environmental performance, key impacts (e.g. LCA), communication and management commitment.

Since everything started with, and is owing to the FIA, it seemed only natural that Formula E came together with the sustainable body of the FIA, the FIAI, to align our policies and utilise the excellent tools they have on offer to help us pave the way for other motorsport disciplines and the wider sporting industry.

The FIAI introduced their Sustainability Programme in order to raise global awareness around environmental management in the motor sporting industry, and to provide stakeholders with a clear and consistent set of good practise guidelines. The FIAI’s reputable Environmental Accreditation Scheme is based on world-leading environmental standards (such as ISO 14001, EMAS, BS 8555) and Global Reporting Initiatives. The accreditation is awarded at three levels, Commitment to Excellence, Progress towards Excellence and the Achievement of Excellence.

Our Management team has been committed to ensure that sustainability is part of our core strategy. Throughout the championship we have followed and implemented the FIAI’s Environmental Certification Framework to the highest level alongside the compliance of our own Environmental Policy and activity relating to sustainability of the championship.

In Season 3 we will be adapting our Environmental Management System into a more holistic approach that focuses not only on environmental issues but also social inclusivity and economic prosperity, creating our Sustainable Management System.


The International Standard of Sustainability in Events

 Freight: Despite increased efficiency with our circular based race calendar, as the championship moves around the globe the equipment still needs to be freighted to each race location, causing unavoidable emissions. For safety reasons our batteries must be flown by air, which has a far higher impact than being transported by road or train.

In a continual improvement process regarding our Management System we decided to implement the International Standard of Sustainability in Events (ISO 20121) at the 2016 VISA London ePrix and received first party certification! 

The Sustainability Team worked closely with London Event’s Manager and our Procurement Manager in order to develop a proper Management System integrated to all the activities of our showcase season finale ePrix. This whole process will reinforce the fact that Formula E and its stakeholders are sustainable leaders and innovators, leading the way in their industry and inspiring others. It is an international acknowledgement of your contribution and support towards sustainability.

Please find below a link, also available on our website/Sustainability/Management System to access four (4) documents for your review and feedback, which is the key to get our FIA Formula E 2016 VISA London ePrix certified

We will use our experience and groundwork as a benchmark to build from and certify the whole championship. From Season 3 onwards, we will implement the ISO 20 121 for each of our races and strive to receive 3rd party certification for the entire championship by season 5.  Other events that have achieved this certification are the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympics, the Roland-Garros and the UEFA Euro 2016. 

The implementation represents our next steps towards a more holistic approach to not only increase our positive impacts on the environment, but also social inclusivity and economic prosperity. The third party certification ensures the highest level of legitimacy and recognition, will increase our sustainable credentials and enhance our business competitiveness. We will be setting a standard in the sports and events industry, of the highest level of sustainable practise and become the first ever motorsport Championship to receive this prestigious certification. 



Environmental Policy


Our Environmental Policy is an internally agreed document where we state our faith towards the people and the planet, and underpins the direction of how we wish to move forward throughout the second Season, highlighting everything in which we believe will lead us to a more sustainable future.

Key areas:

  1. Looking for innovation that contributes to improving sustainability
  2. Breaking down barriers to the use of EVs
  3. Creating 21st century sustainable entertainment
  4. Reducing our footprint by improving efficiency
  5. Promoting and increasing our use of renewable energy
  6. Minimising the environmental impact of our offices and employees
  7. Striving to exceed our legal requirements
  8. Being at the forefront of our ecosystem
  9. Being open and honest in reporting our results

To view a full version of our Environmental Policy, please click here 


Objectives and Targets

Working in connection with our Environmental Policy, our sustainable objectives and targets are the aims and goals we have set out for ourselves in order to keep improving our environmental performance.

Our objectives and targets are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound).

Our objectives are what we want to achieve in the long term in regards to sustainability.

Season 2 objectives:

  1. To continually develop our Legacy programme each season
  2. To cut our CO2 emissions by 30% by the end of S5
  3. Reduce our footprint by implementing a carbon offsetting programme by the end of S5
  4. As part of our commitment with RE100, use 100% RE for the race events, by the end of S5
  5. Increase employee awareness and improve facilities, to be able to annually reduce the environmental impact of our offices
  6. To meet and exceed social and environmental laws each season
  7. Gain at least two strategic partners by the end of S5
  8. To produce at least one scientific study each season based on sound data that will be made publically available

Our targets are the key points to help us achieve in the short to medium term our path to our long term objectives.

To view a full version of our Season 2 Objectives and Targets, please click here

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our EMS, Environmental Policy or Objectives and Targets please do not hesitate to get in touch, we would love to hear from you!