The 2016 BusinessGreen Leaders Awards

Company of the Year: This award goes to the company who is genuinely committed to developing innovative and sustainable business practises, has put in place initiatives to reduce their impact on the environment and has done the most to promote low carbon economies. 

Sustainability Team of the Year: The award honours the sustainability team who have delivered quantifiable environmental and operational improvements in their business, who have effectively communicated sustainability in an innovative manner and have successfully executed sustainable projects. 

2016 British Renewable Energy Awards

Formula E were winners of the Low Carbon Transport category. This award recognises quality, commitment and innovation in low carbon vehicles powered by clean energies, highlighting the pioneering 0% emission and 100% renewable fuel used to power our Race Car by the Formula E Glycerine Generators. The award also recognised the strong efforts of Formula E to accelerate technology in sustainable mobility technologies alongside our Partners. 

Achievement of Excellence

Formula E has become the first championship promoter to be awarded with the highest level of environmental performance, the Achievement of Excellence, in the FIA Institute’s Sustainability programme.


RE100 is a global initiative lead by The Climate Group to support influential companies committed to 100% renewable power. Formula E is committed to make our entire business operations 100% renewable in the future, and we are at 50-60% of our goals towards 100% at the events.

Cleaner Future Campaign

The 2015 VISA London ePrix became the backdrop for Greenpeace’s Cleaner Future Campaign, designed to show people the sustainable benefits of EV’s. Please click here to see life-size polar bear Paula showing her support for the FIA Formula E championshi

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CEO was awarded for Individual Outstanding Leadership (for Innovation & Technology) at the awards which celebrate business excellence and innovation within Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Green Sports Alliance

GSA, a prestigious network of sports leagues, teams, venues, partners and fans, is dedicated to promoting the development of better practise and solutions to environmental challenges within the sporting industry

Cleantech Award

The Cleantech awards highlight those who play a pivotal role in the shaping of the future green energy and clean tech industries. Formula E was nominated in the category of Energy Champion of the year.