This report demonstrates how sustainability is integral to Formula E’s business strategy, vision, mission, values and Legacy Programme.

In our Sustainability Report, we have openly and honestly identified data from all of our activities in order to aid the measurements of our environmental impacts as a championship. The report aims to show that we are acutely aware of our environmental impact, and to highlight the key areas in which we can work to lower our impact and carbon footprint in the future.

The report outlines our mission, vision and values and overarching goals which brought Formula E from a concept, to the completion of our inaugural season. Our Environmental Policy defines our objectives and targets that underpin everything that we believe will keep pushing us towards a more sustainable future, and how we wish to move forward in the upcoming seasons.

The report highlights the commitment of Formula E to implement and comply within a high quality environmental management system, support the promotion of renewable energy, and how we wish to bring prosperity to communities through the establishment of our Legacy Programmes.

Formula E strives to keep making the best efforts in the upcoming seasons to reduce our footprint as much as we can. We wish to keep on benefiting the transportation industry, so that we may significantly improve air quality and substantially improve the quality of life in cities where our ePrix are held.

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