As part of a business program that our Official Logistics Partner DHL is leading on behalf of Formula E and our Partners, the eStory covers topics of mobility innovations, sustainable technology solutions and community initiatives that are expected to have a positive effect on the consumer market and society in the coming years. The eStory explores behind the scenes of the championship as a platform for social, economic and environmental innovations that have been achieved through the collaborative nature of the Formula E platform.

The eStory aims to unlock the potential for boosting innovation and sustainable mobility, facilitate mass market adoption of sustainable mobility solutions by accelerating technological developments, bringing these to the attention of major market players, and by increasing acceptance through educating people about e-mobility.

Formula E acts as a catalyst for technological innovation in the automotive industry. It brings together major global corporations that recognise the benefits of developing cross-industry collaborations and of jointly building innovative and sustainable solutions. The eStory brings to light an extremely exciting and unprecedented push into the potential of electric vehicle technology and Formula E as a platform for technological and sustainable innovation. The case studies that are presented in the White Paper, provided by 13 of Formula E’s partners, demonstrate the ability of Formula E to foster innovation and showcase how the outcomes have far outreached the scope of a racing championship.

“The success of electric mobility is influenced by multiple external trends, but also requires other pillars to be activated, including technological progress, having the right infrastructure and business models in place, and communication. For DHL, Formula E is a powerful unifying platform for players of the various industries to explore and innovate, and thus jointly shape the future of sustainable mobility,” explains Manoella Wilbaut, author of the report, eStory Leader and Head of Global Commercial Developments & Sustainability, DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation. “The innovations generated and tested during the first season are only the first steps towards this common goal, with much more to be inspired by Formula E.” 

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